Area of Service

Southwest Montana


Yellowstone Park


Hours of Operation


Chase - 406 - 640 - 0039

Mo - 585-455-5641


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All outfitting reserved through Yellowstone Mountain Guides Inc.

Yellowstone Mountain Guides Inc. is an authorized Concessionaire to provide Saddle and Pack stock Tours in Yellowstone National Park under permits CC-YELL118-16; CCYELL141-16; CC-YELL146-16; CC-YELL147-16. Permitted Commercial use within Custer Gallatin National Forest. Permitted Commercial use within Custer Gallatin National Forest. Montana Outfitter License #6485.



Yellowstone Horse and Mule is a young start-up dedicated to quality, fun, and harmony. Our philosophy in training our animals is the same as how we operate our whole business -  to find a way to create a little peaceful togetherness through nature and horsemanship. We want to share our knowledge of horses and mules with you - whether you need a young horse started or you'd like to ride a mule for the first time out in the wilderness, we're in this together. 

Chase and Maureen have been working together in the backcountry for the past three years. Chase has been riding since 2008, where he rode as a knight for Medieval Times Dinner and Show in Buena Park, Ca. Maureen started off riding in eventing competitions, but after learning about natural horsemanship has discovered her love for starting colts and learning how to better understand and communicate with horses. 

Now seasoned in backcountry riding, packing, and camping, Chase and Maureen can guide you through some of the most beautiful, remote country in and around Yellowstone!